Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The movement will win or lose that depends on the leadership skills.

Multiparty general elections would come soon, this election was first time in 28 years which was a free and fair election that took place in Burma’s history. My role was in my town (PaZunDaung township) at that time. My idea was that I came from a town so that I wanted to get involved in my town so I could hear the real voice from the real people. Poeple were so alert and busy with learning polling systems, meanwhile we were also busy having meetings in the office. We had to found a committee as the election's winning campaign committee, and then they voted me to be as a vice chairperson in February, 1990.

In side Burma

Belief and Success that lead me to accomplish goal in life।

One of the big occurrences in my life that I became an elected leader for the youth movement in my hometown I was 20. Therefore, the military authority wanted to detain me by stopping our movement, so that I was in detention center held for hours by one of the military intelligence units. One of the torture tactics is “asking nonstop questions to their detainees” so the detainees have to answer all these questions for several days, not only several hours. When happening to you, you have “no” water or food at all and sometimes you could get beaten because your first answer and second answer do not match. In my turn, the military officials asked me so many questions relating with political and election laws. So, I kept talking to them about me I am just turned 20, I was not even born yet when those laws were adopted. And then, I kept asking the military officials a lot of questions about those laws. They had to answer and explain to me for a few hours, so I could make them tired quickly. I felt like I could torture them. So they seemed to think that I had nothing in my head. Then, they let me out of detention center after holding me for several hours. I really thought that they could have put me in prison after all I got out! And I won.I became an elected leader, it was not only at local level but also at the state and national level at the youth wing of a major political party, which is National League for Democracy (NLD), in Burma’s democracy movement, I was very early 20s. All my supporters were always concerned about my personal security because all leaders got detained or disappeared and tortured or killed. Therefore; a security team was found and run by the township's security branch of NLD youth, I DID NOT ASK FOR that. Every time, I went out for the meetings and political duties. I had a lot of people, who are visible presence and invisible presence, around and protected me. As you know, in politics it has many different views and opinions, so a few people did not like that idea to protect me because it was too personal for me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What does “Minority” mean to you?

Minority is the people who are both socially, economically, and politically weak in a society, such as women, children, elders, the disabled people who are disabled both physically and mentally, especially people who are ethnic minorities. The laws and their own government must protest these minority people in the society. If these minority people become vulnerable and have the lack of the protection, which mean there are “No” freedom and democracy, and the lack of their human rights in the society, so we have to fight for them.